Soon Mee Kim

Soon Mee Kim, Global Diversity Leader

Soon Mee shares her expertise on building trust within organizations to create a diverse culture and how to diversify your own life.

  • Diversity as a business and a moral imperative
  • Desegregating your life with intention
  • Empathy when working in teams
  • Conversations about bias at work and being open to honest discussions
  • Developing a culture of trust at the workplace
  • Imposter syndrome and Code Switching at work
  • How an organization’s values and purpose have to mean something
  • The desire for deep connection in our society
  • Consuming media from different points of view than your own: Netflix, podcasts, etc.
  • Asking questions about representation and diversity in schools, places of worship, other organizations in your life.
  • Organizations don’t need a lot of formal programs in place to foster diversity, they only need people who care.
  • Initial connections. Network. Reach out, make a friend, be a mentor.

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