Julius Pryor on Leveraging Diversity to Drive Outcomes for Businesses

Julius shares his professional experiences with leveraging diversity in the pharmaceutical field to treat prostate cancer.

Show notes:

  • Julius shares his case study on working with a pharmaceutical company to work with African American urologists to target populations with a greater incidence of cancer.
  • How the importance of empirical data lead him to his current professional focus
  • Working with C-Suite leadership to make the business case for diversity
  • The true meaning of “diversity and inclusion” and the importance of actual outcomes
  • How Diversity leaders fall into an organizations structure
  • The need for courageous conversations
  • His book, Thriving in a Disruptive World: Six Critical Concepts for Navigating the 21st Century

Lauren Camdzic on the need for inclusion of the disability community

Lauren Camdzic joins us to discuss the need to include disabilities in corporate board agendas and conversations of diversity. She also shares her personal journey of adapting to life in a wheelchair and the importance of ADA compliance.

  • Lauren discusses the Valuable 500 and the companies who have pledged to make disabilities a part of their diversity conversations
  • How companies can modify their spaces to provide access for those with mobility impairments
  • How to respectfully open up the lines of communication with people in the disability community
  • The need for organizations to have emergency plans in place for people who are disabled
  • Lauren’s journey into the spotlight as an advocate for the community during her recovery
  • Call to action: learn about the ADA policies and include people from the disability community in conversations about diversity
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Christian Zsilavetz on Affirming LGBTQ Youth

Christian Zsilavetz joins us to discuss the importance of being an ally and advocate for LGBTQ kids and his personal experiences as a transman and educator.

  • Christian discusses the school he founded
  • The risks LGBTQ youth face in their schools and personal lives
  • Civil rights for the LGBTQ community
  • Available resources in the Atlanta community
  • The importance of providing support to LGBTQ youth because of the prevalence of homelessness, drug addiction and risky behaviors
  • LGBTQ Rights in schools
  • Changing perceptions of the trans community
  • Call to action – what everyone can do to support LGBTQ youth and be an ally
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Fallon McClure on Criminal Justice Reform

Attorney and Community organizer Fallon McClure joins us to discuss the complexities of the Criminal Justice system and why reform is needed in Georgia and nationwide.

  • Fallon brings up the enormity of the varying issues from a Federal, State to locality level
  • The current state of the criminal justice system in Georgia
  • Bail, probation and parole issues, voting rights
  • Restorative vs. Punitive justice
  • Profit motives: Privatization of Prisons, Bail Bond lobby
  • Supporting the work of non-profit organizations such as Southerners on New Ground, Ebenezer Baptist church, ACLU, Southern Center for Human Rights, Reform Georgia
  • Criminal Justice in pop culture as a starting point to shed light on issues and invoke empathy
  • Reform issues and how they affect the economy, race, class, the school to prison pipeline
  • What individuals can do to make a difference

Dr. Heather Heckel on Environmental Diversity

Dr. Heather Heckel discusses environmental initiatives including wildlife conservation, ecotourism, climate change and what individuals can do to support these issues.

  • Dr. Heckel discusses sustainability and diversity & inclusion in global and local communities
  • Wildlife conservation & consumerism
  • Understanding local impact
  • Ecotourism and fair trade
  • NGOs as change agents
  • Climate Justice, activism and higher ed classroom initiatives
  • Small things everyone can do to support environmental issues
  • Individual responsibility to create change
  • Offsetting your carbon footprint
  • Climate Change as a crisis and the impact on public health
  • Advocating to political & business leaders

Dr. Tarece Johnson on Diversity & Biases In Education

Dr. Tarece joins us to discuss her book, The Global Purpose Approach, a guide to enhancing multiculturalism in education. She also addresses issues of representation, equity and biases in the public education system.

  • Dr. Tarece discusses her book, The Global Purpose Approach, about multiculturalism, exploration of culture, policies and appreciation of differences. Includes guidance to educators on how to implement these themes in the classroom.
  • Representation in schools and the lack of male teachers of color in public schools.
  • Equity between school districts
  • White Supremacy and how it effects everything from income inequity, to immigration issues in education
  • Financially stability in families, training opportunities for parents
  • School to Prison Pipeline and forms of discipline, zero tolerance policies
  • Teacher & Administrator training: Empathy & Diversity training, understanding biases
  • Tools & Guidelines for Administrators
  • Parenting & Advocacy

Dr. Brea Heidelberg on Work Cultures and Equity In The Arts

Organizational policy expert, Dr. Brea Heidelberg joins us to discuss culture within organizations and the role of the Arts in communities.

  • Dr. Heidelberg discusses rules and norms in corporate structures and in non-profits
  • Written & unwritten rules in an organizations culture
  • Equitable policies and giving agency to individuals
  • Toxic work cultures
  • Funding and Equity in the Arts
  • Socioeconomic access to programs
  • Arts program management