Intentional Disinvestment Requires Intentional Investment

Intentional Disinvestment Requires Intentional Investment, with L. Brian Jenkins

This episode originally aired as a Nonprofit SnapCast episode in August of 2021.

Brian Jenkins has impacted thousands of youth and adults through his nonprofit, Entrenuity. Founded in 1999, Entrenuity began with direct youth services in entrepreneurship education and then expanded to include adult entrepreneurs and returning citizens, as well as training Facilitators to teach entrepreneurship using StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business, written by Brian. Additionally, Entrenuity operates the first Black-owned, enterprise level coworking space in Chicago, with special emphasis on providing vital business resources to Black, Brown, and Women entrepreneurs, as well as two craft coffee shops directed by the only certified Black female Coffee Director in Chicago. Brian is also the author of Know More Nonprofits: Moving From Dependency to Sustainability, and a founding partner of Renew Pavement Solutions, providing employment to returning citizens and underemployed.

We talk about the issues of race, equity, and why supporting minority-owned business is critically important to any thriving American community.

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