You Don't Get To Call Yourself An Ally

You Don’t Get To Call Yourself An Ally, speaking with Julie Kratz of Next Pivot Point

Inclusion Catalyst is joined by Julie Kratz, acclaimed trainer, author, and founder of Next Pivot Point. Julie is passionate about promoting gender equality within the workplace, empowering women to express confidence and helping them build a winning career game plan and pivot to the next level. Our conversation looks at a variety of issues related to leadership, culture change, and how to develop allies within the workplace. Our questions include:

  • As a result of pandemic, are people focusing more on the things that matter?
  • Is a virtual workplace more inclusive?
  • Is leadership simply about fostering curiosity? And what characteristics would then be critical to include in that leadership model?
  • Where should D&I efforts really be focused? (Spoiler: It’s the middle managers.)
  • How do you manage bias in the workplace?
  • Is the ultimate goal to develop more allies?
  • How many ways can one be an ally?
  • What’s the business case for developing allies?

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