Inclusion of the Disability Community

Lauren Camdzic on the need for inclusion of the disability community

Lauren Camdzic joins us to discuss the need to include disabilities in corporate board agendas and conversations of diversity. She also shares her personal journey of adapting to life in a wheelchair and the importance of ADA compliance.

Show notes:

  • Lauren discusses the Valuable 500 and the companies who have pledged to make disabilities a part of their diversity conversations
  • How companies can modify their spaces to provide access for those with mobility impairments
  • How to respectfully open up the lines of communication with people in the disability community
  • The need for organizations to have emergency plans in place for people who are disabled
  • Lauren’s journey into the spotlight as an advocate for the community during her recovery
  • Call to action: learn about the ADA policies and include people from the disability community in conversations about diversity

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