Disability Empathy and Access featuring Lori Frisher

Today on the show, guest host Josh Miller of Josh Miller Ventures and IDEAS xLab talks to  Lori Frisher as part of his Uncovering Your Value series. Frisher is a leader, an advocate, an entrepreneur, an athlete, a two-time cancer survivor, and a public speaker who dares to dream beyond her present circumstances to discover what is possible. She was born with severe hearing loss and relies on two cochlear implants and lip-reading to communicate. Through her company Ready or Not Media!, Lori offerings immersive disability empathy trainings, keynotes and more.
In this episode, Miller and Frisher discuss:

  • How navigating the world with an invisible disability can lead to covering,
  • Disability empathy and the importance of listening to and learning from people’s stories and experiences, 
  • The role experiential learning and immersive workshops play in expanding people’s understanding about accessibility,
  • Working to make physical workplaces more accessible while recognizing the role that remote and hybrid jobs play in expanding access to employment for people with disabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about the topic of covering, delving into Miller’s Uncovering Your Value newsletter or getting in touch to share your story or about public speaking, visit ](http://www.joshmiller.ventures)[www.joshmiller.ventures or connect with him on LinkedIn!
About Josh Miller:
About: Josh Miller is a queer changemaker, public speaker, photographer, and outdoor explorer. He is the owner of Josh Miller Ventures and the co-founder + CEO of IDEAS xLab—an organization that uses the art of storytelling and community collaboration to impact public health. Miller’s work has been featured by The New York Times, the Aspen Institute, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He is a Soros Equality Fellow, received the 2022 Nonprofit Visionary Leader Award from Louisville Business First, and was selected for Business Equality Magazine’s Forty LGBTQ+ Leaders under 40 and Louisville Business First’s Forty under 40. Miller is a two-time TEDx speaker and has been described as a “force in our community.” He holds an MBA from Indiana University and an undergraduate degree from Bellarmine University. Previously, he served as an advisor to the Derby Diversity & Business Summit and co-chair for the Louisville Health advisory board’s communications committee.
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