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Financial Equity & Inclusion with Sid Pailla

Today on the Inclusion Catalyst, Julien is joined by Sid Pailla, Founder and CEO of Sunny Day Fund, a fintech and financial inclusion company that wants to achieve financial security with dignity for 142 million American workers. They are revolutionizing the way that Americans save for emergencies and support employers in establishing financial security as a competitive employee benefit. As of June 2022, 61% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck, a dire statistic and indicator of our overall societal health and well-being. Leaders like Sid are working to address the stress and burden that financial insecurity places on employees and the disproportionate impact that members of marginalized communities carry.

Sid is the Founder & CEO of Sunny Day Fund®, which partners with employers to make saving for emergencies and immediate financial goals easy, accessible, and rewarding.

Sid is on a broader mission to normalize emergency savings as a benefit for hardworking Americans, three quarters of whom lack the basic three months of savings on hand. Sid also advanced research on building inclusive technology driven by behavioral economics principles – and applied that research to water and telecommunication systems in India and South Africa. As part of this work, Sid founded HiComm, which expanded fee-free, SMS-based international group messaging to 14M South Africans. HiComm was the primary case study for Sid’s PhD in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia, where he also received an MBA, and MS and BS in Systems Engineering.

Today we discuss:

  • Why financial stress and literacy, and their combined effect on the workplace, are important equity issues.
  • Innovative approaches that organizations are finding to positively impact their employee’s financial health and well-being.
  • Tips for leaders on having respectful and helpful financial health and well-being conversations with employees.
  • The vision for a national strategy for financial inclusion that looks to meaningfully address and solve current wealth disparities.

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