Avoiding Religious Bias In The Workplace

Avoiding Religious Bias In The Workplace

Today on the show, Julien and Rahimeh Ramezany discuss and deconstruct the bias and lack of inclusivity that Muslim Americans experience. Together, they’ll explore and give context to the issues that marginalized religious groups face, identify ways to ensure more equitable access for Muslim Americans in predominantly non-Muslim spaces, and discuss other issues affecting her community.

We’re excited to welcome to the show Rahimeh Ramezany (she/her), a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategist, a champion of ADHD neurodivergence inclusion in the workplace, and the CEO of Rahimeh Ramezany Consulting. Rahimeh works with organizational leaders to educate them on avoiding religious bias in the workplace and creating a safe place for their neurodiverse internal stakeholders. In addition, she is a prolific educational content creator who can be found on both LinkedIn and Tik Tok.*

Her experience as a visible minority tells her all too well what it’s like to be marginalized and othered by a society that places a high value on white privilege and conformity rather than diversity and individuality.

Rahimeh is a no-holds-barred advocate for the Muslim community. Still, most importantly, she is an educator who sits down with various agents of change to ally and support causes that affect all marginalized communities in America. Today we discuss:

  • Kennedy v. Bremerton School District public school prayer decision and the response of the American Muslim community.
  • The evolution of Muslim Americans’ experience of discrimination in the workplace.
  • Demystifying Islam, points of commonality amongst belief systems, and making space for these discussions in the workplace.

*Julien did go find Rahimeh on Tik Tok and he can confirm that she does in fact have LOTS of fun.

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