Fair Count

Fair Count: Census Updates, Pivoting Outreach for the Pandemic

Ed Reed from joins us again with Lauren Zehyoue, Communications Director for Fair Count.

  • 3 ways to complete the Census: online, by mail, over the phone
  • Reaching people digitally since the Census is still an important part of democracy that will continue beyond the pandemic
  • Pivoting to virtual events and webinars instead of in-person outreach
  • Census is scheduled to be offline on July 31st (if there is no extension planned due to the pandemic). The data for the Census is collected as of April 1st and the Census teams will follow up to make sure every person is counted until July 31st.
  • Changes in how college students are counted due to universities closing campuses
  • Hardest to count communities are also communities that are also often hardest hit by health concerns.
  • Infrastructure and Chromebooks put in place in communities before COVID-19 are being used for job applications, after school programs, state and federal benefits.
  • Breaking the digital divide in communities that need these devices.
  • COVID-19 changing the way Fair Count communicates with the public
  • The Census is still safe and can be completed from home.
  • The census represents more than $1.9 trillion worth of resources for our communities on an annual basis.
  • To complete your Census by phone, dial 1-844-330-2020 in English. The number to complete it in Spanish is 1-844-468-2020.
  • Fill out your census online at www.my2020census.gov or find out more info at www.2020census.gov

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