Capital Punishment in Georgia

Brian Kammer on Capital Punishment in Georgia

Brian shares his expertise on capital defense, habeas corpus and the death penalty in Georgia.

  • The importance of responding to the injustices within the criminal justice and capital punishment systems.
  • Constitutional violations that led to the wrongful conviction
  • Reduction of death sentences handed out
  • Federal habeas corpus appeals and overturning cases
  • History of Habeas corpus and due process
  • Lack of resources for poor Georgians
  • Current death row statistics and impact of the Georgia Resource Center
  • The capital punishment system is embedded within a racist culture
  • Influence of national “tough on crime” culture
  • Mercer University’s ABS Project
  • Resources to get involved:
  1. Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty,
  2. Southern Center for Human Rights,
  3. Georgia Resource Center

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