Biases In Education

Dr. Tarece Johnson on Diversity & Biases In Education

Dr. Tarece joins us to discuss her book, The Global Purpose Approach, a guide to enhancing multiculturalism in education. She also addresses issues of representation, equity and biases in the public education system.

  • Dr. Tarece discusses her book, The Global Purpose Approach, about multiculturalism, exploration of culture, policies and appreciation of differences. Includes guidance to educators on how to implement these themes in the classroom.
  • Representation in schools and the lack of male teachers of color in public schools.
  • Equity between school districts
  • White Supremacy and how it effects everything from income inequity, to immigration issues in education
  • Financially stability in families, training opportunities for parents
  • School to Prison Pipeline and forms of discipline, zero tolerance policies
  • Teacher & Administrator training: Empathy & Diversity training, understanding biases
  • Tools & Guidelines for Administrators
  • Parenting & Advocacy

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