Talent Justice

Talent Justice

How is it that the social sector, which prides itself on its mission to ensure that all communities have access to health, safety, and prosperity, can underpay, overwork, and endanger the very people who carry out the work? We all have either experienced or heard stories of beloved colleagues who are burned out or have left the sector because we can’t find a way that makes sense to stay, financially or spiritually.

Join another set of fantastic speakers who will talk about:

  • Who can afford to work in the sector?
  • Where accountability lies for equitable staff compensation and just treatment in the mission-driven workplace?
  • How can we better align our values with our practices?

We are thrilled to highlight the perspectives of Shari Dunn, CEO and Principal of ITBOM, LLC, Rusty Stahl, Founder, CEO, and President of Fund the People, and Judy Lubin, PhD, MPH and President of Center for Urban and Racial Equity.

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