Criminal Justice Reform

Fallon McClure on Criminal Justice Reform

Attorney and Community organizer Fallon McClure joins us to discuss the complexities of the Criminal Justice system and why reform is needed in Georgia and nationwide.

  • Fallon brings up the enormity of the varying issues from a Federal, State to locality level
  • The current state of the criminal justice system in Georgia
  • Bail, probation and parole issues, voting rights
  • Restorative vs. Punitive justice
  • Profit motives: Privatization of Prisons, Bail Bond lobby
  • Supporting the work of non-profit organizations such as Southerners on New Ground, Ebenezer Baptist church, ACLU, Southern Center for Human Rights, Reform Georgia
  • Criminal Justice in pop culture as a starting point to shed light on issues and invoke empathy
  • Reform issues and how they affect the economy, race, class, the school to prison pipeline
  • What individuals can do to make a difference

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